Vaya Condios Hen Nah Nah

Vaya Condios, Neh Nah Nah, zespół muzyczny Garwolin

Fragment tekstu:

I got on the phone and called the girls,
said meet me down at Curly Pearls,
for a Ney, Nah Neh Nah
my high-heeled shoes and fancy fadsI ran down the stairs
hailed me a cab,
going Ney, Nah Neh Nah, Ney, Nah Neh
Nah Ney, Nah Neh Nah Nah Neh Nah
When I pushed the door, I saw Eleanor and Mary-Lou swinging on the floor,
going Ney, Nah Neh Nah
Sue came in, in a silk sarong she walzed across as they played that song,
I mean Ney, Nah Neh Nah, Ney, Nah Neh Nah...